Documentation systems

Character sets and encoding

Interesting presentation. Interesting that U+21B4 requires three bytes if encoded in UTF-8 and only two bytes with UTF-16 - which explains why UTF-16 is commonly used for non-latin (e.g. Japanese) character encoding - it's a lot more efficient at encoding those non-latin characters. I think what they are doing with CopperSpice is also interesting. It's amazing the state (i.e. mess) of many legacy libraries when it comes to encodings. Also have a YouTube channel. Documentation on string terminology.

Databases/distributed data

Games tech

Operating systems tech

As a programmer it's really important to understand concepts of Resources, Ownership, Lifetime, Scope - and this is critical in a concurrent context. One minor point, scope is not necessarily the same thing as lifetime, at least in C (you can have a static variable in a function with global lifetime but local scope).

Great talk on clocks and clock synchronization in distributed systems.

Wonderful talk by Julia Evans. She is a "high energy" presenter - you won't be bored. I really like it when Julia uses /proc to recover a deleted file. Cool. She is also very, very funny - the piece on how to submit a kernel patch around 18 minutes in is hilarious. I loved this talk! One of the best presenters I've seen in a while.

Syndication / publishing protocols


Not many presentations start with a poem, but this one does and it's great. Very good presenter who speaks clearly and at the right pace. Very useful presentation on managing systems.


Data compression